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    The Only Haunt Where You FIGHT BACK!

    Unlike Anything in Omaha!

    Zombie Hunting House is a different kind of haunt. At every other haunted house you've been to you are haunted by the creatures, but at the Zombie Hunting House you can fight back in 3 terrifying attractions!

    Zombies Everywhere

    You'll find tons of zombies all over at the Zombie Hunting House's 3 Attractions: Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Paralysis, and Zombie Annihilation. Note: Refunds are not given for anyone too scared to complete all attractions in the package they purchase!

    Two Levels of Scare!

    We provide 2 levels of fright at the Zombie Hunting House. During daylight hours we offer a Low Scare option with minimal to no actors, which is perfect for young kids of those adults who just want some fun. However after the sun sets, the hordes of zombies come out for our Extreme Scare and the screaming doesn't stop until close!


    Tickets are only available for purchase in person at the ticket booth. Availability may be limited. Ticket sales end 30 minutes before close each night. Everyone who has purchased a ticket will get to go through the attractions. Prices are subject to change without notice. Discount coupons are accepted every day!

    Note: Refunds are not given for anyone too scared to complete all attractions in the package they purchase




    Take advantage of special Late Night Pizza party and enjoy all-you-can-eat Pizza and Pop for only $4.00+tax per person. Enjoy pizza choices like pepperoni, hamburger, cheese, all-meat, combo, garlic cheese bread and more. Soda choices include Coca-cola brands, ICEE and iced tea.


    Sunday thru Thursdays: from 8pm-9:30pm
    Fridays & Saturdays: from 9pm-11:30pm


    Facebook users who "Fan" the Zombie Hunting House Facebook Page can get a Buy-1-Get-1 FREE ADMISSION. Simply show the admissions attendant your Facebook account where it shows you are a Fan of our page. Don't forget to bring a friend!

    *Chance-to-Win a T-Shirt offer. Facebook users who Share our most recent post have a chance to win a free T-shirt. You must show the admissions attendant your Facebook account where it shows you shared our most recent post. They will mark your ticket for a chance to win a Free T-shirt. To win, you must survive as a Human until the end of a game of Zombie APOCALYPSE Lasertag and not be turned into a Zombie. Good luck!


    Zombie Hunting House reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone or ask anyone to leave without refund who breaks any of our health or safety rules. Anyone touching actors or props will be immediately asked to leave. Our actors will not touch you, unless it is by accident which may happen in the darker attractions. No smoking or drinking alcohol or intoxication. Anyone breaking any of these rules will be asked to leave without refund. You are advised not to participate in attractions at Zombie Hunting House if you are pregnant, have a heart or respiratory condition, claustrophobic, prone to seizures or have any other health concerns. Please be aware that we use water based fog and strobe lights throughout the attractions.

    In consideration of being permitted to participate in the attractions at Zombie Hunting House, the ticket bearer acknowledges that there are inherent risks associated with the attractions at Zombie Hunting House. The ticket holder assumes all risks and liabilities, and releases Zombie Hunting House, its parent company (Reznicek Investments, Inc.), employees, volunteers, landlord, the Family Fun Center XL, or owner(s) from any liability be it injury, disability, death, loss or damage of property, whether caused by negligence or otherwise except which is the result of gross negligence and/or wanton misconduct.