Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions

Q: Are there refunds if I'm too scared to go on all of the attractions I purchased in my package?
A: NO. There are no refunds for anyone too scared to go on all of the attractions they purchased.

Q: Are you closed in bad weather?
A: NO we do not close for bad weather. All of our attractions are indoors, so we are open RAIN or SHINE!

Q: Can the zombies touch us?
A: NO. Our actors are instructed to never touch the patrons. However in pitch blackness and the heat of the moment you may get accidentally bumped or seem to be bumped. Be aware you most likely may be bumped by someone else in your group. However we take the safety of our staff and customers VERY SERIOUSLY and do our best to never have an actor touch a customer.

Q: Can we touch the zombies? Your advertisements say we can 'fight back'.
A: NO. You may never touch our actors. We take the safety of our staff and customers VERY SERIOUSLY. Any customers who purposely touch one of our actors will be immediately escorted out of the building. You 'fight back' in our 3 attractions by: blasting zombies with laser guns (in APOCALYPSE), detonating the self destruct to blow all the zombies to kingdom come (in PARALYSIS), and shooting the zombies with real paintball guns (in ANNIHILATION).

Q: How long does it take to go through all 3 attractions?
A: That depends on how long the lines are. Expect 45 minutes on a slow night. Plan for up to 3 hours on a busy night.

Q: What's your LOW SCARE?
A: Our attractions are in LOW SCARE mode during the daylight hours and during most weeknights (until we get close to Halloween). Low scare is great for kids or adults who are not really wanting to be scared but want to have some zombie fun. Low scare means that there are no zombies actors in the attractions to scare you, but you can still experience all the FUN of all 3 attractions.

Q: What does EXTREME SCARE mean?
A: Our attractions are in EXTREME SCARE mode during the nighttime hours on the weekends (and weeknights when we get closer to Halloween). Extreme scare is full-blown haunted house scary! Our actors will do everything they can to terrify you in all 3 attractions (without touching you, of course). Please note that some of our attractions may be too scary at the EXTREME SCARE level for people to finish, and we do not offer a refund for any attractions that you are too scared to complete.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement?
A: It is up to the parent/guardian to decide if younger kids should venture into our haunted attractions, especially during the EXTREME SCARE times. In addition to that, Zombie APOCALYPSE (lasertag) requires a minimum age of 3 years old to participage, and Zombie ANNIHILATION (paintball) requires a minimum age of 8 years old to participate. Zombie PARALYSIS has no minimum age, nor does the Zombie ARCADE or Zombie WALK.

Q: What is your PHONE POLICY?
A: Cell phones are NOT PERMITTED inside of any of our 3 Attractions. You must turn off the ringer and leave them in your pocket. If you remove a phone to take a picture, take video, answer a call or make a text we will escort you out of the building immediately. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for cell phones. They ruin the experience for other patrons and can endanger our staff. You are welcome to take pictures outside of the attractions, including any wandering zombies who are willing to pose with you outside of the attractions.

Q: Anything else we can't bring?
A: No smoking, no guns (concealed or otherwise, we don't want any accidents when someone is being scared), no drugs, no costumes or masks, no food or drink, and no video cameras. We do not allow any alcoholic beverages including if you are intoxicated or appear under the influence of any substances you will be asked to leave the building immediately.

Q: Is there a maze-like haunted house attraction?
A: No, we have 3 Attractions this year: Zombie APOCALYPSE (lasertag), Zombie PARALYSIS (lasermaze), and Zombie ANNIHILATION (paintball).

Q: Are you associated with the Family Fun Center XL?
A: The Zombie Hunting House is located inside of the Family Fun Center XL. Do not use their entrance though. The entrance for Zombie Hunting House is on the EAST Side of Family Fun Center XL.